Laura Agnusdei – Goro (MDR067)

Laura Agnusdei – Goro (Cassette/Digital)


Side A

Maciste, Wet Nights

Matilde’s Lemon Dance


Side B


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out June 9th 2023 on Maple Death Records

Reeds gently pirouetting amidst a fluvial landscape, a field of images that swirl between dream scenarios, second thoughts and reality. This is ‘Goro’, a new body of work by Italian saxophonist, composer and improviser Laura Agnusdei, an evocative journey that meshes noirish ambient, am-radio pop fantasy, lounge fever and organic pulsating proto-techno. 

Originally commissioned by Maple Death and comic book publishing house Canicola Edizioni, Goro’s music was directly inspired by Italian author Pastoraccia’s debut Quasi Nessuno Ha Riso Ad Alta Voce and initially translated live as a performance piece and sound installation.. Influenced by the graphic novel’s eerie and unresolved atmosphere Agnusdei’s music ebbs and flows uniting atonal chimes, piano stabs and field recordings underpinned by perfectly calibrated sax themes that can transform wildly exploratory moments into full-fledged songs. 

Matilde’s Lemon Dance’ oscillates, carried by Laura’s voice and pastoral pads, spawning a kraut minimal techno ballad; ‘Sasha’ recalls the metronomic playfulness of Norman Salant, all boudoir waltz and Lynchian bravado; ‘Maciste, Wet Nights’ veers into spiritual realness, connecting Fourth World electronics, spoken word and sax vignettes. ‘Goro’ ends with ‘Pontelagoscuro’ a 15 minute voyage helmed by a gracious piano lead and location recordings that would not be out of place on a Gastr Del Sol release. 

Goro’ in some respects is Laura Agnusdei’s most expanding and unvarnished work to date, a beautiful companion piece that highlights her incredible path in the European underground community, music constantly searching for a new landing, a serene distillation of past and future dreams. 

Goro’ is released on cassette/digital for Maple Death Records. All tracks composed and performed by Laura Agnusdei. “Sasha” composed and performed by Laura Agnusdei and Giulio Stermieri.Piano on “Pontelagoscuro” by Giulio Stermieri. Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval. Artwork by Pastoraccia. Music inspired by Pastoraccia’s ‘Quasi Nessuno Ha Riso Ad Alta Voce’ (Canicola Edizioni, 2022). Performed live for the first time at Eolica #1, Casetta del Custode, Parco della Montagnola, October 2022.