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Maple Death Records is an independent label that escaped Canadian soil and is now based in Bologna, Italy. Living the unexplored noise kingdom that is left to rummage and polish.

CONTACT US with important matters, shady letters or just plain complaints: mapledeathrecords [at] gmail.com

For all the dreamers out there… Maple Death’s art design department is run by the one and only.


DISTROS / STORES that carry Maple Death

Norman Records (UK, Europe)

The Business (North America Distribution)

Tedium House/Revolver (North America)

Bleep (Europe, Uk)

All Day Records (USA)

Rough Trade (UK)

Papy Wilou (France)

Born Bad (Paris, France)

HHV (Germany, Europe)

Bifs Aus Messer (Germany)

Kaos Kontrol (Finland)

Clear Spot (Netherlands)

Dont Buy Records (Europe, Netherlands)

Dayz of Purple (Uk, Europe)

Volume (Italy)

Backdoor (Torino)