Whitney K ‘Two Years’

Talk about a long time coming… finally here we are announcing Whitney K‘s first proper album ‘Two Years‘ out February 19th 2021. You might remember the charming early classic ‘Goodnight‘ EP that we put out in 2016, well you’re in for a big one now.  Whitney K’s ‘Two Years’ is a deep dive into the Canadian songwriter’s journey through vulnerability, change and ultimately letting his guard down. Konner Whitney is aided by an incredible cast of musicians led by collaborator Josh Boguski and drummer Avalon Rossignol-Tassonyi. Ladies and gentleman he has smashed it out of the ballpark! LISTEN to first cut from the album ‘Maryland‘. Read more.


Ancient Plastix and Jerome for Bandcamp Day


today Bandcamp is waiving their revenue fee, and as usual it’s a good day to support. But that we are really excited about is announcing two new releases:

Jerome – Moods (MDR045)

The incredible duo of Annalisa Iembo and Stella Mathioudakis have created a spontaneous no frills minimal endeavour that turned into a dense, brooding, tenacious magical dark electronic album with surgical danceable industrial rhythms. Start discovering it now. INFOS (Canadian edition out on Croquet Discques)


Ancient Plastix – S/T (MDR042)

Liverpool’s producer and composer Ancient Plastix’ self titled ambient debut and first release for Maple Death presents immaculate soundscapes with a surgical and sharp sense of rhythm and pace, a gentle mechanical heart that carries the album through infinity and beyond. INFOS

(image by Andrea De Franco)

Maple Death X Refugees Welcome Italia


today Bandcamp is waiving their revenue fee. We’ve decided to donate 30% of all our sales today, both digital & physical, to Refugees Welcome Italia (more info below).

We think it’s important to act locally and engage globally as much as possible to put and end to violence and discrimination. Start by demanding change in your own community. Links on anti-racism resources. ACT NOW.

We have a limited release up today, plus represses on all our merch.

SabaSaba are back with ‘Metabasi‘ (MDR039). Listen NOW.
Change, passage, mutation as a dynamic paradigm for understanding reality. This is SabaSaba’s “Metabasi”, a photograph of their shapeshifting identity and evolution in sound, a limited release before their next album in 2021.

*** More Information on Refugees Welcome Italia: Refugees Welcome Italia was established in 2015 as part of an international network started in Germany in 2014 and now operating in 13 countries. Simple and “revolutionary” idea: providing refugees with the possibility of living in flatshare with local people on temporary basis.

Foster the social inclusion of refugees and beneficiaries of other form of protection through a reception model based on flatshares/accomodation offered by private citizens. Try to change the mainstream narrative on migration through awareness-raising campaigns and communication activities.

– It is one of the easiest ways to get to know the cultural and social context of the hosting country, to build a network of social relationship, to pave the way toward fully independence and self-reliance.

– It can help overcoming the marginalization/annihilation experienced in big facilities and to re-activate personal resources and potentialities.

– It can strengthen social cohesion and combat prejudices, fears and stereotypes.

– It is a form of active citizenship, a concrete way to help people in need. It is a chance to experience first hand a different culture and to gather insights about migrations.

Thanks and stay strong, xo

JC – Maple Death

(image by Andrea De Franco)

May 1st Bandcamp Day

As most of you know Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share fee today to directly help labels/artists with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
We’ve decided to make it as special as possible and announce two beautiful, intense and magical new albums:
J.H. GurajIntrospection / Migration‘ LP
He’s back and finally on vinyl. Six years in the making, wow does it deliver.
Luke MawdsleyVulgar Displays Of Affection‘ CS
Deep deep debut voyage!

We also have the white FERAStupidamutaforma‘ tape repress in with a special limited ‘Santino’ designed by the artist.

And last but not least, one of our fav illustrators Michelangelo Setola (from Canicola edizioni) has designed a heavy two sided new MD T-Shirt.

We will posting about everything in detail in the next coming days.
Thanks xo

(image Melancolia by Andrea De Franco)

Hallelujah! & Fera are out


  • Hallelujah! – Wanna Dance (MDR034)
Scratch ‘n’ sniff post-punk unafraid to skidmark deep into the red…incendiary.‘  Raymond Cummings / The Wire, Feb. 2020 issue.

  • FeraStupidamutaforma (MDR034)

“The songs on Stupidamutaforma feel hypnotizing…it establishes De Franco as a composer who uses space and time to create a set of rich, immersive works.” Bandcamp ‘Album Of The Day

Canicola 15 X 5 Maple Death was good…

Canicola 15 X Maple Death 5

Never big on celebrating but five years have gone by and we’re throwing this little event you see above with our fav editors/comic buddies Canicola. Details over here folks. See you on November 29th.


WOW’s Come La Notte is out!

WOW’s ‘Come La Notte‘ is out today on Maple Death Records and My Own Private Records.


‘WOW erase the constraints of time and geographical borders’Aquarium Drunkard

‘If Low was a pair of Italian bohemians who always wore sunglasses indoors and grew up on a so-square-it’s-cool catalog of library music, it might sound something like the oh-so-chic garage-pop duo WOW. “Nina” is a stargazing lullaby, complete with an outro that takes your dreams to outer-space.’NPR

‘Occhi Di Serpente” (“Snake Eyes”), a mysterious cocktail that sounds dangerous and alluring all at once, set to a slinky, bongo-fueled groove. The harmonies are divine. Dive in but watch your back.’Brooklyn Vegan 

Metro Crowd’s ‘Planning:’ is out

We’re back with our first proper release of 2019, and yes we are back in ROMA, la capitale, for Metro Crowd‘s ‘Planning:‘.
This is one of the most alien records we have ever released, this band really travels at their own speed. People have thrown in Chrome, Brainiac, Cabaret Voltaire… I think it’s just the product of that still fertile Roma-Est underground.
Metro Crowd’s members come from Mai Mai Mai, our own Holiday Inn, Sect Mark, Trouble Vs Glue, Fanfulla, No=Fi Recordings etc., they definitely have an outsider vision of whatever the Italian Occult Psych scene was all about a few years ago.

Become a believer now. Full story and infos below.

” Undeniably a genre-bender, their sound runs the gamut of discordance with the pounding delayed-out percussion of Godflesh, the seriously angular and atonal guitar styling of Big Black, and the condescending haughtiness of White House vocals. ” Cvlt Nation

Sunday Service Report Pt. 2

Here is Carolina Martines aka Best Company‘s reportage on Maple Death Sunday Service last November in London. These are incredible.

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