Isolation Mixes

(photo by Andrea Marini)

In times of social distancing, we are here to create connective tissue. Mixtapes from around the world from Maple Death artists and friends, now more than ever, fiercely using the tools at their disposal to touch, guide, escape, stay lucid/aware… and dream through music. Co-curated with Andrea Marini.

Isolation Mix #001: Andrea Marini (SabaSaba)

King Midas Sound – Zeros
Space Afrika – Oread
Rhythm and Sound – Aground
Bim Sherman and Dub Syndicate – Keep you dancing
Leo Anibaldi – Muta B2
Beatrice Dillion – Workaround one
Geodetic – IV
Lamin Fofana – Brancusi Sculting Beyonce
Roberto Musci – Loa Song
RM – Per Natura Libero
Fluxion- Influx
Bellows – Untitled 1

Isolation Mix #002: Brian Case (FACS, Disappears)

Silvia – Zuerst Ich
Tones On Tail – Lions
Cindy Lee – Operation
Nico – Purple Lips
New Order – Turn the Heater On
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Sin In My Heart
Arthur Russell – Planted A Thought
The Fall – My New House
Deerhunter – Primitive 3D
Brian Eno – Third Uncle
Sonic Youth – I Dreamed I Dream
The Raincoats – Only Loved At Night
Glorious Din – Cello Tape
HTRK – Fascinator

Isolation Mix #003: Slaylor Moon 

Excepter – Bad Vibration
Ruth White – Lovers Wine
Ike Yard – Loss
Cabaret Voltaire – Do The Snake
Drexciya – Sea Snake
Metalux – Amethyst Dogs
Drainolith – Blam’s Again
Excepter – Shoot Me First
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love
Vainquer – Elevation II
Quantec – Life Has Changed

Isolation Mix #004: Kyle Knapp (Deliluh)

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Streamline Train
Lee Jung Hwa & Shin Joong Hyun – I Don’t Like
André Ethier – Cop Killer
Retired – 3 Day Jazz Bender
Swell Maps – New York
The Great Unwashed – Thru The Trees
El Michels Affair – This Songs For You
The Flying Burrito Brothers – To Love Somebody
Pearly Queen – Quit Jive’in
Flore Laurentienne – Cendrillon
Brigitte Fontaine – Une Fois Mais Pas Deux

Isolation Mix #005: J.H.Guraj

Alain De Filippis – Ton Dieu ne s’appelle-t-il pas Ego? (Prélude)
Spires That In The Sunset Rise – Child of the Snow
Holger Czukay – Mellow Out
Xylouris/White –  Erotokritos
Willie Lane – Spaghetti Eastern
Inventing Masks – 4’ 18’’
Dakim – Soon
Jad Fair – Our Motto
Erik Satie (guitar: Pierre Laniau) – Gnossiennes N°4
Ellen Arkbro – Mountain of Air
Moondog – Voices of Spring
Head Of Wantastiquet – This is the Spade that Descends
Jim Nollman –  Cello and Wolf Pack #1
Brandon LaBelle – Parking Lot
Django Reinhardt – Improvisation N°2 (Solo)
Tren Brothers – Gold Star Berlin
Michel Chion –  Kyrie Eleïsion

Isolation Mix #006: Massimo Carozzi

Gastr del Sol – The Seasons Reverse
Ultra Red – Lewd Conduct
Minoru Sato – Place: Concerning It’s Concept And Measurement
Toshiya Tsunoda – Solid Vibration Of The Surface Of A Concreted Wharf Where A Marine Products Market Used To Be
Luc Ferrari – Presque rien n°2 ou Ainsi continue la nuit dans ma tête multiple
Giuseppe Ielasi /Enrico Malatesta – Rudimenti
Pierre Henry – Rumeurs
Steve Peters – Sight Specifics: Santa Fe
Adam Asnan – Mixed Occasions
Arturas Bumšteinas – Epilogue 1. Desire – Creaking, Crackling, Rustling
Hildegard Westerkamp – Kits Beach Soundwalk
Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole – Sonja Henies Vei 31
Chris Watson – Crucero La Joya
Lawrence English – Unidentifed Chiroptera Amazon Brazil
Lawrence English – VLF During Solar Storm Lake Pedder Australia
The Stooges – Funhouse sessions studio dialogues
Soundwalk Collective – The Only Good System Is A Sound System
Massimo Carozzi –  From a Window in Al Doki, Giza Govenatorate
Terre Thaemlitz – Names Have Been Changed (Sound Reading for Incest Porn)
Massimo Carozzi – Protest at Fleming Road, Hong Kong
Luc Ferrari – Presque rien n°4 La remontée du village
Taku Sugimoto – Monad
John Duncan – Crucible
Otomo Yoshihide – Cathode #4: Soundcheck Version
Brandon Labelle – Topophony Of The Text (Private Dialogue-Public Speech)
KNN – rlecchinesque (tape III)
Massimo Carozzi – Yeux Fermés
Achim Wollscheid – Piece (For A Listener)

Isolation Mix #007: Carolina Martines (Undicesimacasa)

Heith – Genesis
Mark Van Horn – Unknown host
Vanligt Folk – BEng
Ossia – Inertia
Grotto Terrazza – Baptismal piscine
ASC – Source Code
Concentration – Dead Men Don’t Rape
Peter Graf York – 0555
ARP – Voices
Psychic TV – Eden 2
Cindy Lee – Heavy Metal
Liquid Sky OST – Afternoon
Patricia Kokett – Mmuo trance
Ende Shneafliet – Before departure
Demdike Stare – At it again
Salac – Soiled

Isolation Mix #008: Leo Non (WOW)

Domenico Modugno – Questa è la facciata B
Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar – Isla Grande
Domingo Mariani – Obviamente
Gene Rains – Africa
Hamad Kalkaba – Astadjam Dada Sare
Rose Mitchell – Baby please don’t go
Anonimo – Voglio cantare e se non canto moro
Charlène Darling – Les Pavillons Blancs
Bruce Haack – Nothing to do
Willie Griffin & Company – Where there’s smoke there’s fire
The Lovelites – I Love You (Yes I Do)
Doris & Kelley – Groove me with your lovin
Bobby Oroza – Intro + Should I take you home
Li’l Millet & His Creoles – Rich Woman
Ennio Morricone – Guerra e Pace, Pollo e Brace
Luk Thung Underground – Early Molam
Onuma Singsiri – Mae Kha Som Tam
Hormonas – Amara terra mia
Ream Daranoi – Fai Yen

Isolation Mix #009: Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies)

The Walker Brothers – The Electrician
The Hunches – From This Window
Swell Maps – Blam!!
Crack Cloud – Drab Measure
Cccandy – Bloke Hunt
Al Gromer Khan – Konya
The Shifters – John Doe’s Colleague
Clone Defects – Eyeballs Poppin’
Hellshovel – Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home
Justin Love – No Question
Michael Hurley – I Paint A Design
Ron Wood – Mystifies Me
Vic Godard and Subway Sect – Music Of A Werewolf
Charlie Megira – The Girl Afraid Of Ashtray

Isolation Mix #010: Camilla Pisani

Chrome – Electric Chair
Suicide – Devastation
FRONT 242 – Lovely Day
Coil – Panic
Psychic TV – Wicked
Tuxedomoon – Everything you want
Einstürzende Neubauten – Feurio!
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa
Carter Tutti Void – f = (2.2)
Esplendor Geometrico – Confort
Pan sonic – Uranokemia
Belief Defect – Opium Den
Raime – Losing Track

Isolation Mix #011: N.E.M.A.

ZimmerFrei ‎– B2
Eliane Radigue ‎– Geelriandre
A.C. Marias – So
Lucy Railton Violin & Aisha Orazbayeva – Duo For Violin & Cello (Part 1)
Astral Colonels ‎– The Difference Of Similarity
Experimental Audio Research ‎– Synchrondipity
A.C. Marias – So
Leo James ‎– What Happened To You (3rd Wave Remix 33 RPM)
Loefah – Natural Charge
Zaliva D – Itself Black Meteoric Star ‎– Symbols Drawn In Marker
Le Syndicat Electronique ‎– Sacrifice
Sige Bythos  – Untitled 2
Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox – Game of Two
Dale Cornish‎ – California

Isolation Mix #012: Michael KlausmanLone Prairie

Based on various versions of the classic cowboy ballad, Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie, LONE PRAIRIE exists somewhere sort of in-between a mix and an original piece of music. Originally a sailor’s ballad about the fear of dying at sea away from one’s loved ones, at some point in the late 1800s (most likely), it made the transition to being about the fear of dying alone and isolated in the vast, mostly empty landscape of America’s then nascent west. By the middle of the 20th century with the prairies long settled, the song’s perspective had begun to occasionally shift, with the narrator now longing to be buried out, rather than “not”, on the lone prairie — dread fear giving way to gimlet eyed nostalgia & dulcet tones as you unshackle yourself from civilization and head out to be entombed beneath the big sky. Something about this transition struck me regarding our current situation. Recorded at home over an afternoon in my living room with my family nearby (as where else would they be?), the occasional domestic sound included if you listen carefully.

Isolation Mix #013: XIII Gang Of Ducks

Ni Fyddent yn Para tan y Wawr – Gwasg Gelert
Ronde mon amy (soprano dulcian and harpsichord) – David Munrow (half speed)
Forested Temple (Final Fantasy 7) – Nobuo Uematsu
Yakuza No Uta – Japan Blues
Loch and Key – Wilson Tanner
Track 3 – Futuro Antico
Treaty – Sun Araw
Bruises – Hunee
To 9 – Λένα Πλάτωνος
Shadow of the Beast (Intro- David Whittaker Amiga Works) – Allister Brimble
Same Ol Samo – =con+Kwake=
BLUE YOGURT – Levan Shanidze -True mosses
Glare – Giraffe
At the Sea’s Retreat – Mugwood & Landshipping
Photon Garden – Гамаюн
Danbala Propaganda – HHY & The Macumbas

Isolation Mix #014: Father Murphy

Raven Chacon “Chorale – Harbour Symphony”
Lingua Ignota “Butcher of the world”
Henning Christiansen “Hesteofringen”
John Poubelle “Animali striscianti nelle profondità della roccia”
Canzoniere Popolare Veneto “Canto della Morte”
Zywizna “Zaswiec Niesiacku”
Xiu Xiu “Haenim (Kim Jung Mi cover)”
MMMD – mohammad “Sakrifis”
Marja Ahti “Rooftop Gardens”

Isolation Mix #015: Mounir Chami (Whimm)

XUAN – below beyond green 绿
Coil – Sex With Sun Ra (Part Two – Sigillaricia)
Alex Zhang Hungtai – Yaumatei
Harry Pussy I Don’t Car About Sleep Anymore
US Girls – Curves
Crass – Time Out (Edit)
Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop
Total Control – Glass
Theoretical Girls – You Got Me (Edit)
D.N.A – 530
D.N.A – You & You
Harry Pussy – Sex Problem (Live)
New Fries – Anni Albers
The Books – Deafkids
Beth israel – Had Had (Edit)
A Certain Ratio – Back To The Start (Edit)
Neubauten – Armenia
Kleenex/LiLiPUT – Boatsong (Edit)
A Certain Ratio – Back To The Start cont. (Edit)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Explain

Isolation Mix #016: Jukka Reverberi (Geodetic)

silver mt zion – for wanda
mark hollis – the colour of spring
harold budd – foresharowed
aphex twin – aisatsana
hans-joachim roedelius & arnald kasar – asco
kim hiorthoy – träbit
popol vuh – hore, der du wagst
machinefabriek – piano.wav
sakamoto – andata
borhen and the club of gore – irrwege
elodie – vieux silence
plush – soaring and snoring

Isolation Mix #017: DJ Fitz

1. Fatima De Brito – Maracatu Elefante (1960).
2. Frank Harris & Maria Marquez – Canto de Pilon (1985).
3. José Larralde – Quimey Neuquén (1967).
4. Gaye Su Akyol – Hemşerim Memleket Nire (2018).
5. Derdiyoklar – Sofor Gardas (1980).
6. Maanam – Blues Kory (1983).
7. Helen – Zanzibar (1985).
8. New World music – across the water (1985).
9. Costa & Chyps – Detroit City Cats (1982).
10. Il guardiano del Faro – Disco Divina (1978).
11. May East – Maraka (1985).
12. Lalalar – Hata Benim Göbek Adım (2019).
13. Tadeusz Nalepa – Dbaj O Miłość (1987).

Isolation Mix #018: Aidan Baker

Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumental Wish
Landing – A Song
Pharaoh Overlord – Komaron Runner
Twink – Sara From The Sahara
Psychic Paramount – Dsinter Blues Recorder
James Plotkin – Manifestation #4
Heather Leigh – Fairfield Fantasy

Isolation Mix #019: Black Seed

Bear Bones, Lay Low – Latica Impro
Fetus Productions – Tokyo Rain
Love Song – Selbstauflöser Teil 2
Beuma – Eigentlich
Black Seed – Lhasa
Muslimgauze – Eye for an eye (wrong speed)
Conny Frischauf – Gänge
RMP – 3’32”
Anatolian Weapons – Chant One
RMP – 4’31”
Love Song – Plateau (wrong speed)
Airworld – Rien Ni Personne

Isolation Mix #020: Claudio Rocchetti

– The Rainy Season – Unspecified
– Taqsim on the Qanoun – Unspecified
– I did no such roaming – David Grubbs
– Main Theme from the Fog (Reprise) – John Carpenter
– The guilt of Uncomplicated Thoughts – Brian McBride
– Christmas Day (Original VHS Transfer) – Loren Connors
– Ras Tafari Youth Group – Unspecified
– Etyd – Knut Wiggen
– Shinto Processional – Unspecified
– Music of Malagasy – Unspecified
– Spring – Taku Sugimoto
– Untitled – Thomas Koener
– Syv Cirkler (1958) – Else Marie Pade
– Nordavinden II – Sverre Larssen
– Gamelan – Maggi Payne
– Faust Suite: Prolog i Himlen – Else Marie Pade
– 180824 – Giovanni Lami
– A Fool Persists – Infinite Body

Isolation Mix #021: Scarlett Rose


Isolation Mix #022: Simon Balestrazzi

Ludus: I Can’t Swim I Have Nightmares
Carter Tutti Void: T 3.2
Harrga: Artaud
Terry Riley: Persian Surgery Dervished (Performance 1)
Tunes Of Negation: Tundra Erotic
David Behrman: A Traveller’s Dream Journal (Setting B)
Botany: Clean Lungs
Caravan: In The Land Of Grey And Pink
9T Antiope & Siavash Amini: Silver As In Silence
Kali Malone: Arched In Hysteria
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Ceylon
Belief Defect: No Future
Terry Riley: Persian Surgery Dervishes (Performance 1)
Pearls Before Swine: Images Of April

Isolation Mix #023: Gaspare Sammartano (Canti Magnetici)

Sammartano – Untitled (Unreleased)
A Frames – Negative
Sightings – Certificate Of No Effect
Erase Errata – Another Genius Idea From Our Government
Carl Crack – Radio Tschernobyl
Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Aviary’s Black Satin Stargate
Andrea Penso – Esserci Animale I
Donato Epiro – Un Globo Rosso Rotondo
Sammartano – Drama Series (Loop)
Lil Ugly Mane – Alone and Suffering (Interlude)
Panorama Studio (field recording)
Valerio Tricoli – La Distanza
Wolf Eyes – Human Animal
Microwave With Marge – Giglin
Jaws – Stay Free
The Intelligence – Tropical Struggle
Sammartano – Untitled (Unreleased)
Blank Dogs – My House Is Red
I Camillas – Agitazione
Akron Family – Part of Corey
Dave Holland – Now Here (Nowhere)
Fake Misteri (Field Recording)
Simon Scott – Below Sea Level
The Mae Shi – I Get (almost) Everything I Want

Isolation Mix #024: Nicola Ratti

Joy – Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
II – Aylu
Asa, Asa – Caetano Veloso
Ravoi – Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea
Ohnesarg – Vilod
Sequenze e Frequenze – Franco Battiato
Doujiri – Sugai Ken
Boa – Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes
Cotidiano – Chico Buarque
Patterns for Alto – Lea Bertucci
EEE – Sandro Mussida
Lemon Dust – Eric Frye
Yamuna Tira Vihari – Alice Coltrane
Paul – Dean Roberts

Isolation Mix #025: Michele Tellarini (Qlowski)

Eberhard Weber – Little Movements (cut)
Atlas Sound – Quarantined
Roedelius – Ubern Fluss
Wendy & Bonnie – By The Sea
Black Flag – No More (cut)
Babyfather – Skywalker
The United States Of America – Love Song For The Dead Che
Edmundo P Zaldivar – El Humahuaqueno
Jackie Mittoo – In Cold Blood
Prince – I Wonder U
Todo Todo – Autogas
Andrew Gordon – It’s So Funky Here I Can’t Stand It
Index – Eight Miles High
Sibylle Baier – Remember The Day
Ellen Arkbro – Mountain Of Air
Michael Yonker – I Knew You’d Remember

Isolation Mix #026: Mana

The Hafler Trio – coscinomancy
FUJI-TA – Sukima
Elysia Crampton – Crucifixion (feat. Shannon Funchess)
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Falling as Flowers do,dying a Glorious Death
Laurel Halo – Rome Theme II
Heith – I’ve always found somewhere else
Frank Zappa – Jazz From Hell
Kode9 – Memories of the future instrumental
Elysia Crampton – Spring of Wound
Shy One – Cause & Effect
Dj BeBeDeRa – Tarraxo Viola
Sikka Rymes – Hot
Mel G – On a Pill
Dj Manny – U Got Me Dancing
Lorenzo Senni – Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
Lechuga Zefiro – Oração
Yung Kayo – Vetements Jeans
Frayeser Click – Fucking With The Killas

Isolation Mix #027: Regno Maggiore

Tsugaru Jyongarabushi – Takahashi ChikuzanYugure No Kyoku – Goro Yamaguchi
Injection of Blackness – Malika B and Dave Hucker
Ha-uta: Umenimo haru – Japanese singer and two guitars
Record Side 1 – Voices of the Satellites
Deer Dance – Yaqui
Journey In Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane feat. Pharaoh Sanders
Put Down Your Cigarette Rag( Don’t Smoke) – Allen Ginsberg
ìcaros – Iaci Kupalua
Colloquio di lavoro – Woody Allen
Vedic Chanting – Swami Pravatikar
Lifetime Monologue – David Axelrod
China Gates – Sun Ra

Isolation Mix #028: Laura Marongiu (NEU RADIO)

Lord of the Isles feat. Ellen Renton – Passing
тпсб – Walking Distances
Kassem Mosse – Silica Gel
Autechre – Nil
Lord of the Isles feat. Ellen Renton – Waiting in Arisaig
Nick Klein – Chats With Lucy
Identified Patient – The Drip
Gavilàn Rayna Russom feat. Cosey Fanni Tutti – Kemmer
Uncanny Valley – Youth
Beau Wanzer – He Spilled My Drink
Femminielli Noir – Exotico
YAWS – Reflekt
Objekt – Porcupine
Hiro Kone – Twisted
Patricia – Downlink

Isolation Mix #029: Occult Punk Gang

Shitlickers – War System
Forra – Borde / Forra
Disorder – Life
Exotica – Control
Chaotic Discord – Popstar
Apsurd – Derealizacija
Partisans – I never needed you
Talc – No
Sad Boys – Cry now, cry later
Dollhouse – Dollhouse
Snor – S.Y.F.
Pig Dna – Strong Throat
Mogg – I miei occhi sono chiusi
Lebeden Toten – Mind Parassites

Isolation Mix #030: Avant! Records

ULTRA RAZZIA – Sanglantes Certitudes
BLITZ – Flowers and Fire
CONDOR – Vengeance (DEM cover)
BROMURE – 50:50 (Sad Lovers & Giants cover)
LITOVSK – Dit Wil Ik Nooit Vergeten
SYNDROME 81 – Pulsions Électriques
BLOOD SHOT EYES – Vetri Infranti
CAMERA SILENS – Camera Silens
ROSE OF VICTORY ‎– Overdrive
THE VIOLATORS –  Life On The Red Line
CHAIN CULT – Isolated

Isolation Mix #031: Francesco Fonassi

Alvin Curran, Francesco Fonassi – Kôr (excerpt)
Pierre Henry – Tam tam de la source
Roedelius -Spoonwhere
One tongue – Cars / Birds (45rpm)
Rumpus Room – As you certainly know
Mats Gustafsson – Poshslides
Ekman – Reform (Dj Sotofett remix)
Macromassa – El consecuente aspecto de gèometria
Paul Lansky – Now and then
DDAA – Passage sur le pont Nihon
IXNA – Spotlight
Alvin Curran – Pittura fresca
John Hassel – Warriors
Chorus abstracta – Luna Distanza