Tropical Trash / Brutal Birthday split 7″ (MDR022)

Tropical Trash / Brutal Birthday split 7″



A) Tropical Trash – Last Night Straight

B) Brutal Birthday – Facts

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What can you do with 7 minutes of pure salivating filled to the brim fortune telling pieces of audio conglomerates? Well Maple Death puts ‘em together side by side: Kentucky, Louisville’s finest Tropical Trash and Bologna’s saddest Brutal Birthday. More to it? Euro tour in the works for December with this slab of precious wax loaded in the van in an easy digestible 7” split format.

Tropical Trash is back with their ‘unclassified’ no rules, just sneer, all klang motorik art punk. After their masterpiece debut ‘UFO Rot’ (Load Records), the raging ‘Decision’s Empty Next’ 7”(Sophomore Lounge) and the Loki label tape, the Kentucky boys sent us a mid-tempo syncopated scorcher. Last Night Straight pulsates slowly with an eerie grace before gradually exploding into a composed essential synth & guitar wail.

Brutal Birthday from Bologna/Verona give us their debut rager ‘Facts’. Who knows what these misterioso cats are up to. The lowdown is: obsessive and somewhat rotten noise-punk from the gutter, atonal & mono-note, played by members of Hallelujah!, Stromboli, The Mountain Moon, His Clancyness. Semi-recommended for fans of Flipper, Puffy Aerolas, Siltbreeze, Clockcleaner, AmpRep and other crap. Unpretentious for a reason.

Tropical Trash / Brutal Birthday split 7” single is housed in a fold-over 170gram jacket, designed by New Orleans’ finest Shitboy Face (Mystic Inane). Each copy is hand stamped” comes with an ugly download code. To be played at 45rpm folks. ‘Long Night Straight’ mastered by Brian Leuken, ‘Facts’ mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control).