WOW’s Come La Notte is out!

WOW’s ‘Come La Notte‘ is out today on Maple Death Records and My Own Private Records.


‘WOW erase the constraints of time and geographical borders’Aquarium Drunkard

‘If Low was a pair of Italian bohemians who always wore sunglasses indoors and grew up on a so-square-it’s-cool catalog of library music, it might sound something like the oh-so-chic garage-pop duo WOW. “Nina” is a stargazing lullaby, complete with an outro that takes your dreams to outer-space.’NPR

‘Occhi Di Serpente” (“Snake Eyes”), a mysterious cocktail that sounds dangerous and alluring all at once, set to a slinky, bongo-fueled groove. The harmonies are divine. Dive in but watch your back.’Brooklyn Vegan