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Cindy Lee’s Act Of Tenderness!


Cindy Lee’s ‘holy grail’ needs no introduction, right?

Initially released on the diva’s own CCQSK E N T E R P R I S E S, Act Of Tenderness is a mouth watering piece of art, an ephemera of beauty and ache that singer, guitarist, drag queen Patrick Flegel had been collecting and weaving into his own personal world up to 2015 when it was initially released. You don’t need to know anything else, just get your hands on one.



Stromboli debut EP


Finally what it’s all about, music. We are super proud to finally announce one of our first two releases: Stromboli‘s self-titled debut EP. We’ve been following this guy around for quite some time, he really does create his own magical world and we are very proud to be releasing his music out in the universe. One of our longtime favorite blogs 20jazzfunkgreats shared Waving, go have a listen.

You can already pre-order and read all about it over here. It comes as a limited edition yellow-ochre (100 copies) cassette tape, inlay printed on thick Modigliani Neve paper. Photography by Giulia Mazza and design by Emanuela Drei. Mp3 download card is included. This EP is out on February 17th 2015.