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Metro Crowd’s ‘Planning:’ is out

We’re back with our first proper release of 2019, and yes we are back in ROMA, la capitale, for Metro Crowd‘s ‘Planning:‘.
This is one of the most alien records we have ever released, this band really travels at their own speed. People have thrown in Chrome, Brainiac, Cabaret Voltaire… I think it’s just the product of that still fertile Roma-Est underground.
Metro Crowd’s members come from Mai Mai Mai, our own Holiday Inn, Sect Mark, Trouble Vs Glue, Fanfulla, No=Fi Recordings etc., they definitely have an outsider vision of whatever the Italian Occult Psych scene was all about a few years ago.

Become a believer now. Full story and infos below.

” Undeniably a genre-bender, their sound runs the gamut of discordance with the pounding delayed-out percussion of Godflesh, the seriously angular and atonal guitar styling of Big Black, and the condescending haughtiness of White House vocals. ” Cvlt Nation

Holiday Inn’s debut ‘Torbido’

Nina Postano GE

We just had to get our hands on some more Holiday Inn, the acid minimal synth punk duo from Roma Est. Finally we are able to present their debut LP ‘Torbido‘ co-released with comrades Avant! Records.

If you don’t trust us, read the streaming presentation up on The Wire and on Post-Punk.

Full INFOS and PRE-ORDER in the usual place. Get in synch!


Hallelujah! on Noisey France


Noisey France says “Hallelujah! et Holiday Inn remettent l’Italie sur la carte du punk rock à grands coups de pompes”. We could not agree more. Now get it in your house.

Listen to Holiday Inn’s Mob Mob Mob


Head over to Decoder to listen to Mob Mob Mob, Holiday Inn‘s track from their 7″ split with Hallelujah!

Relentless drum machine beats, harsh yet hypnotic vocals, and shrill synths drive “Mob Mob Mob,” an anti-mafia track that references the chant from a demonstration held in Calabria. Also drawing inspiration from the unauthorized development of buildings in the Roman suburbs, Gabor straightforwardly sings “fuck the power” towards the end until the track begins to loudly dissolve, its once concrete bleakness turning into a caustic, noisy squeal.

Infos & Order: HERE