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Dead Horses are coming!


Ladies and gents, please welcome Dead Horses to the growing Maple Death family. Their tape ‘Ballad For Losers‘ will be out at the end of the month but in the meanwhile you can listen to song ‘Morning Hell’ over at BrooklynVegan!
“From Ferrara, Italy come weirdo folk trio Dead Horses… channelling Dylan, early Velvet Underground, R Stevie Moore, Gun Club and other outliers.” BOOM!

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His Clancyness: Pale Fear / Coming Up Empty

His Clancyness - Pale Fear

Listen to Pale Fear by His Clancyness from their upcoming 7″ over at Brooklyn Vegan. Recorded in Bristol at Portishead’s Invada Studios by Stu Matthews (Beak, Anika, Portishead), Pale Fear’s cassette-recorded beat rumbles through neon-lit streets of analogue synth noise and sleazy fuzz guitar and is steered with a pulsating, unshakeable Red Crayola-style bass line.

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Krano – Requiescat In Plavem

Krano Requiescat In Plavem

Very happy to finally announce a project we’ve been working on for over a year, Krano‘s debut album Requiescat In Plavem. Listen to album opener “Mi E Ti” and read all about this incredible record over at Brooklyn Vegan. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the Piave river on a psychedelic damaged folk country journey. Wait and see the packaging on this beauty (LP & CD).


A Note From Maple Death

When I received this record I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It came with no notes, just a letter in broken English. For days I made up lyrics to it trying to crack and uncover the language, dreaming of some Latin American retreat. Little did I know I was actually taking a stroll up the Piave river, plunging through pre-war cascades, seeing feverish trees set mountains in motion and a Veneto valley full of psychedelic beauty naked in front of my eyes. If only this river could talk I’m sure the stories from the 1918 battles would ring bloody loud and clear. 2012: Birds watched as Krano recorded R.I.P up in the hills behind Valdobbiadene, armed with a trusty 8-track tape machine. Then he disappeared into silence. As always it took a faithful caring friend to deliver the goods. Four years later here we are, music on wax, a man that deserves to be heard and a river that is still flowing.

JC – December 2015


We got BAD MEDS!


We finally got them, Liverpool’s finest Bad Meds. New band but friends for ages, usually what we like most. This debut EP will be out on May 26th on a beautiful designed cassette that features Marina Conchiglia 175 paper, lyrics insert and for all you digital pranksters the handy download code. Now, read all about it here and head over to Brooklyn Vegan where you can listen to the opening track Hoax Apocalypse. Bleak ripper it is. Pre-order BAD MEDS now.

Havah – Meno Di Metà

You can now listen to Havah‘s Meno Di Metà via Brooklyn Vegan. “His commanding baritone drives Havah’s snarling postpunk which packs a lot of hooks into the songs’ short running time“. This is one of the 5 gems for their side of the split LP with His Electro Blue Voice. Pre-Order.