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Blak Saagan – A Personal Voyage


A Personal Voyage is Blak Saagan’s debut, his first journey into obscurity, 90 minutes (!!!) of music dedicated to the ongoing discovery and exploration of celestial structures in outer space, directly inspired by the work of cosmologist and science popularizer Carl Sagan.


— “Cavalcando la Cometa 67P” evolves patiently with percolating, distorted electronic blips, melodic fragments, and a simmering ride gliding along while the texture deepens and expands at an almost imperceptible pace, finally kaleidoscopically exploding over a groovy motorik beat to fulfill its psychedelic library Kosmische dream. —- TinyMixTapes

— “The energy often accelerates into warped passages of brilliant library music, with pulsating beats and thick motorik grooves that plunge the listener deeper into whatever bit of the celestial topography has Gottardello’s ear.” — Decoder