Sunday Service

Maple Death All-Dayer

(tickets on the door £10)

Sunday November 18th 2018
All-dayer event from 1,30 PM to Midnight
Live shows / Musical selections / Syrup
New River Studios, 199 Eade Road, N4 1DN London
➳ Live:
CINDY LEE (Toronto, Canada)
A pure diva universe of no wave, doo-wop, noise and ecstatic wonder
 ✞ MIDDEX (London, Uk)
Sharp, icily industrial, analogue synth blasts from Kevin Hendrick
 ✞ OBLATE (London, Uk)
Cryptic pulsing and industrial jabs from Lindsay Alexander Corstorphine of Sauna Youth
 ✞ HESITATION (London, Uk)
Meditative crystal clear electronics meets fuzzed out jazz from the Kit records family
 ✞ HAVAH (Forlì, Italy)
Razor sharp, dense and assertive wave-punk by one of Italy’s darkest bands
GIMP WORLD (Glasgow, Uk)
London debut for new band formed by 3/4 of industrial punk bleakness heroes Anxiety. No intros needed.
OTHERWORLD (Glasgow, Uk)
Aka Kay from Helena Celle, Anxiety and Gimp World. Pure magic comes in many forms.

THE WOUND (Leeds, Uk)
Members of No Form and doing the noise riiiight

From the Kit family, this is dance music for the mind

QLOWSKI (London, Uk / Bologna, Italy)
New kids in town doing dark concrete punk

SABASABA (Torino, Italy)
For the first time in UK, from Torino, dub industrial cinematic troopers

HOLIDAY INN (Rome, Italy)
For the first time in UK, from Rome, acid synth punk techno legit legends

Synthetic landscapes to be discovered

HALLELUJAH! (Verona, Italy)
From Verona, best Euro noise-punk band around, not our words…

BRUTAL BIRTHDAY (Bologna/Verona, Italy)
Atonal assault from Bologna/Verona with new release coming on Total Punk

Kit Records
– Gustave Evrard (The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music)
– Laura Marongiu (Alivelab)
Hangar Booking
– Fire Records
– Paola Laf (NTS)
– Cuero Obra
Cheap online pre-sale £8.50
At the door £10
Artwork by Tekknovoid