Holiday Inn – 2013-2016 (MDR054)

Holiday Inn – 2013-2016 (LP/Digital)

Side A
Boys Work Hard
Greenish Shade
The Order of the Day
Zero Divided by 2* *The Anals
The Destruction We Assure with Each Other
Mob Mob Mob

Side B
Who’ll Join my Tribe?
White Man (Don’t Trust)
Mushroom** **Can

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out April 22nd 2022 on Maple Death Records, Legno Dischi

The cult of East Rome acid minimal synth-punk duo Holiday Inn had to start somewhere, right? Nothing has spread this fast in the peninsula’s notorious stuffy DIY circuit uniting techno-industrial enthusiasts, hardcore noisers, theatrical freaks and rhythm punks. A collaboration between Gabor (Aktion, Metro Crowd) on voice and Frenchman Bob Junior (Trans Upper Egypt, Bobsleigh Baby, Hiss) on synth and drum machine, they leave their best on stage where live shows have cemented their ill reputation

2013-2016’ co-released by Maple Death and Legno Dischi collects all the duo’s previous releases starting with their debut tape and 7”s, documenting along the way one of the most distinctive voices of the Italian underground, from their roots at Roma’s infamous Fanfulla venue to their collaborations with some of our favorite labels (No=Fi, My Own Private Records, Rave Up). From ‘Mob Mob Mob’ to ‘Zero Divided By Two’, to their incredible Can cover of ‘Mushrooms’, this collection features all the sleaze that has become essential to their live staples. 

In Gabor’s own words: “We were really dirty and bad. Even ugly, but always very elegant. The sound is still quite naked today, but listening back to the very first recordings it was really ultra-minimal. The instrumental part was certainly more hypnotic and repetitive, the singing was very dry and perhaps more punk. I have always had a hard time listening to the things of the first period, even as they were coming out. Mainly for the poor quality of the recordings, always recorded directly live and by ourselves, and a bit for the simplicity of the tracks that maybe live have a certain impact but through the cassette / vinyl support they sounded really tough to listen to my ears. I always wondered “but who’s going to be crazy enough to listen to this stuff ?!” However, I’d pick myself up immediately when several told me that they always had our record on the decks and that the cassettes were played on the car radio. Especially in the morning before going to work.”

‘2013-1016’ is co-released by Maple Death and Legno Dischi on LTD Transparent Pink Vinyl with Obi Strip and poster insert. Remastered by Valerio Fisik at Hombrelobo studio, Roma, May 202. Cover pictures by Roberta Marsigli. Poster photo by Giulia Mazza. Label drawing by Vic Sinex. Layout by Legno.