Dead Horses are coming!


Ladies and gents, please welcome Dead Horses to the growing Maple Death family. Their tape ‘Ballad For Losers‘ will be out at the end of the month but in the meanwhile you can listen to song ‘Morning Hell’ over at BrooklynVegan!
“From Ferrara, Italy come weirdo folk trio Dead Horses… channelling Dylan, early Velvet Underground, R Stevie Moore, Gun Club and other outliers.” BOOM!

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Sometimes you wait a lifetime for things like this… Beyond honoured to announce ‘MALENKOST‘ LP the first in a series of reissues dedicated to one of our all time (and current!!!) fav artists CINDY LEE. We are teaming up with the great Superior Viaduct / W.25TH to bring you a series of releases plus new music from longtime friend Patrick Flegel.


“Describing a world of beauty, escape, sorrow, loss and catharsis usually needs a strong leap of faith and when it comes to music such a feat is almost impossible, modern day consumption is pulling us by the throats and we don’t have time to surrender, we don’t have time to let the fog, the mystery, the universal shine seek into our eyes and creep into our minds. There are exceptions, Cindy Lee is one of them, a rare all-in lifer, flickering candle.”

Stromboli’s VOLUME UNO is out

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VOLUME UNO, Stromboli‘s debut is out today. His tape in 2015 basically inaugurated our small label and to see him evolve, grow and deliver this incredible mind bending LP is a real treat.

“Beneath a saturated nebulous city landscape lies a mirror reflecting sharp, complex particles of light that disappear under the faintest drop of rain, literally silver dissolving into rust, mercury poisoning the train tracks of modern paranoia. Through the cracks, the chilled warmth of Stromboli’s Volume Uno rises, expanding on the notion of a solitary figure gasping for life in an industrial setting.”


Listen to Stromboli’s Drag Phase


We already told you that Stromboli is back with Volume Uno on Feb 10th. Listen to opening track Drag Phase via Inverted Audio.

Nice words: “… tape-saturated canvas of anxiogenic ambiences, shadow-clad synth psychedelia and grainy-textured layers, the Bologna-based artist takes you on for a borderline, hallucinogenic trip across semi-abstract cityscapes and barren post industrial terrains as seen through an insecure, paranoid-like perspective… Our pick – the album’s opener ‘Drag Phase‘, shows the most stripped-back facet of a black-hearted monolithic whole slowly disintegrating in thick carbonic fumes and pitch-dark sooty peels. Winter depression is almost gone. Almost.”



Stromboli – Volume Uno


Excited to announce our first release of 2017, Stromboli‘s debut LP Volume Uno (MDR013) out February 10th.
After turning heads with his 2015 debut, Stromboli is back with his second offering of beautiful ambient propulsive landscapes, isolationist harsh noise and industrial psych. This is a heavy deep mind bending album, trust us! You will be hearing music very soon…

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Volume Uno

Stromboli / Volume Uno (MDR013) coming Feb 10th 2017.

Isolation Culture is out now!

LISTEN/STREAM to His Clancyness‘ entire new album ISOLATION CULTURE via BrooklynVegan out this this friday via Maple Death Records, Tannen Records and Hand Drawn Dracula. DIG IN.


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Preview J.H. Guraj’s debut over at The Hum


Finally able to share this tape that’s coming out in a few weeks. It’s J.H. Guraj‘s debut Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town. It’s a magical affair and The Hum describes it perfectly, head over to their blog to listen to the first two tracks.

Guraj’s playing took me by surprise. A vision of the past instantly appears – but one shattered, scrambled, and reassembled before your ears. This isn’t appropriation or pastiche. He does what few players can – accepts the inevitable, and builds a Frankenstein out of the condition from which it grows. This is the Post-Modern guitar.

Pre-order this tape now and read everything about it HERE.

Isolation Culture


October 14th will see the release of the new His Clancyness LP: ISOLATION CULTURE. Read all about this semi-legendary record over HERE. Listen to title track over at Clash Magazine and to opening track Uranium over at Exclaim and Noisey. You’re in for a big one.

Hallelujah! debut on tape


After bringing down the house with their 7” split with Holiday Inn, Maple Death is getting convulsions and stoked to repress on tape Hallelujah’s sold out debut 12” (originally released in 2015 on Depression House). There is no other way to put it, this debut EP rips hard, a true manifesto for Hallelujah’s raw brand of noise punk and r’n’r.

Get this limited hand-stamped tape NOW.

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