Havah is back with Contravveleno


Knock knock,  it’s actually happening. Remember MDR001, the now classic  Havah/His Electro Blue Voice 12″ split? Well Havah is graduating, coming back with their third proper album ‘Contravveleno‘ out on September 15th. It is their most razor sharp, dense and assertive effort, a cold plunge by one of Italy’s darkest bands into one of the countries’ most wretched pictures, a moment that united the toughest and brought out the bravest. Read all about it in the legendary Maple D press release.

Pre-Order is now open for the LP & CD version. Get your hands on it.



Geodetic’s Broken Consonance is out


Geodetic‘s Broken Consonance is finally out. Happy to be releasing Jukka Reverberi & Claudio Rocchetti’s debut, an incredible mix of deviant techno, industrial, noise, tape hiss and thundering beats. Artwork and photography for the release are by our own Giulia Mazza. Tapes are going faaaaaassssst!
Full infos & order on the record HERE.



Excited to welcome Geodetic, electronic duo of Claudio Rocchetti and Jukka Reverberi, into the Maple Death family. Industrial, techno, cassette culture, avant-garde fascination are all part of their sonic palette. Listen to ‘III’ from their debut ‘Broken Consonance‘ (MDR018) out on July 14th and check out what Inverted Audio has to say about it.

“As rowdy drums, barbed melancholic pads and boisterous synth flights get dunked through a coarse-grained sound design, the vibe is equally solemn and uplifting on the mesmeric ‘III‘.”

Infos & Pre-Order: http://bit.ly/geodeticmaple

Blak Saagan – A Personal Voyage


A Personal Voyage is Blak Saagan’s debut, his first journey into obscurity, 90 minutes (!!!) of music dedicated to the ongoing discovery and exploration of celestial structures in outer space, directly inspired by the work of cosmologist and science popularizer Carl Sagan.


— “Cavalcando la Cometa 67P” evolves patiently with percolating, distorted electronic blips, melodic fragments, and a simmering ride gliding along while the texture deepens and expands at an almost imperceptible pace, finally kaleidoscopically exploding over a groovy motorik beat to fulfill its psychedelic library Kosmische dream. —- TinyMixTapes

— “The energy often accelerates into warped passages of brilliant library music, with pulsating beats and thick motorik grooves that plunge the listener deeper into whatever bit of the celestial topography has Gottardello’s ear.” — Decoder

Cindy Lee’s ‘Malenkost’ is out


It’s not a dream, it’s true, Cindy Lee’s Malenkost if finally out. Get your copy HERE.

Catch Cindy Lee on tour in Europe at the following dates:

20-Apr UK London The Waiting Room
22-Apr UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Wire
23-Apr UK Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar w/ Cold Pumas
25-Apr NL Amsterdam Studio 105 ( Subbacultcha)
28-Apr D Jena GLASHAUS
29-Apr D Berlin ACUD MACHT NEU w/ Stromboli, Omen
30-Apr D Leipzig Pracht
4-May CZ Prague Underdogs’ Ballroom & Bar w/ Rat Columns
7-May A Vienna Venster 99
8-May Slo Ljubljana Klub Gromka w/ The Luyas
10-May It Bologna Ateliersi w/ Blak Saagan
12-May It Padova Nadir
13-May It Napoli Riot studio
14-May It Rome Fanfulla 5/a – Circolo Arci w/ Wow!, The Luyas
17-May It Milano Brutepoque
18-May It Genova Altrove

also more shows coming!

Dead Horses are free


Dead Horses Ballad For Losers is finally out, very happy to unleash this corker. Everything you need to know is already HERE. Enjoy it and bring one home. Go for it.

Dead Horses’ ‘No Wahala’


Head over to AdHoc to hear another scorching Dead Horses track from their upcoming ‘Ballad For Losers’ out next week.

“Dead Horses, a three-piece experimental cowpunk band from the Ferrara province in Italy, have nailed deconstructed blues. Their new track “No Wahala” from Ballad For Loser is like Keiji Haino’s Black Blues gone country. In the song, a plodding rhythm propels spindly, precise guitar work as incanted vocals float atop the track’s aggressive swagger.”

PRE-ORDER this baby!

Dead Horses are coming!


Ladies and gents, please welcome Dead Horses to the growing Maple Death family. Their tape ‘Ballad For Losers‘ will be out at the end of the month but in the meanwhile you can listen to song ‘Morning Hell’ over at BrooklynVegan!
“From Ferrara, Italy come weirdo folk trio Dead Horses… channelling Dylan, early Velvet Underground, R Stevie Moore, Gun Club and other outliers.” BOOM!

Infos & Pre-Order




Sometimes you wait a lifetime for things like this… Beyond honoured to announce ‘MALENKOST‘ LP the first in a series of reissues dedicated to one of our all time (and current!!!) fav artists CINDY LEE. We are teaming up with the great Superior Viaduct / W.25TH to bring you a series of releases plus new music from longtime friend Patrick Flegel.


“Describing a world of beauty, escape, sorrow, loss and catharsis usually needs a strong leap of faith and when it comes to music such a feat is almost impossible, modern day consumption is pulling us by the throats and we don’t have time to surrender, we don’t have time to let the fog, the mystery, the universal shine seek into our eyes and creep into our minds. There are exceptions, Cindy Lee is one of them, a rare all-in lifer, flickering candle.”

Stromboli’s VOLUME UNO is out

stromboli1500 stromboli2web

VOLUME UNO, Stromboli‘s debut is out today. His tape in 2015 basically inaugurated our small label and to see him evolve, grow and deliver this incredible mind bending LP is a real treat.

“Beneath a saturated nebulous city landscape lies a mirror reflecting sharp, complex particles of light that disappear under the faintest drop of rain, literally silver dissolving into rust, mercury poisoning the train tracks of modern paranoia. Through the cracks, the chilled warmth of Stromboli’s Volume Uno rises, expanding on the notion of a solitary figure gasping for life in an industrial setting.”

ORDER / INFOS / LISTEN / STORY: https://bitly.com/volumeuno

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