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Metro Crowd’s ‘Planning:’ is out

We’re back with our first proper release of 2019, and yes we are back in ROMA, la capitale, for Metro Crowd‘s ‘Planning:‘.
This is one of the most alien records we have ever released, this band really travels at their own speed. People have thrown in Chrome, Brainiac, Cabaret Voltaire… I think it’s just the product of that still fertile Roma-Est underground.
Metro Crowd’s members come from Mai Mai Mai, our own Holiday Inn, Sect Mark, Trouble Vs Glue, Fanfulla, No=Fi Recordings etc., they definitely have an outsider vision of whatever the Italian Occult Psych scene was all about a few years ago.

Become a believer now. Full story and infos below.

” Undeniably a genre-bender, their sound runs the gamut of discordance with the pounding delayed-out percussion of Godflesh, the seriously angular and atonal guitar styling of Big Black, and the condescending haughtiness of White House vocals. ” Cvlt Nation