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Listen to Stromboli’s Drag Phase


We already told you that Stromboli is back with Volume Uno on Feb 10th. Listen to opening track Drag Phase via Inverted Audio.

Nice words: “… tape-saturated canvas of anxiogenic ambiences, shadow-clad synth psychedelia and grainy-textured layers, the Bologna-based artist takes you on for a borderline, hallucinogenic trip across semi-abstract cityscapes and barren post industrial terrains as seen through an insecure, paranoid-like perspective… Our pick – the album’s opener ‘Drag Phase‘, shows the most stripped-back facet of a black-hearted monolithic whole slowly disintegrating in thick carbonic fumes and pitch-dark sooty peels. Winter depression is almost gone. Almost.”



Bad Meds is out!

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Bad Meds is out and they are flying away. Stream the whole EP via Decoder Magazine right now and then do the necessary thing, ORDER. If you’re a digital hippie, bleah. If you still are then you can go to our bandcamp or here.


We got BAD MEDS!


We finally got them, Liverpool’s finest Bad Meds. New band but friends for ages, usually what we like most. This debut EP will be out on May 26th on a beautiful designed cassette that features Marina Conchiglia 175 paper, lyrics insert and for all you digital pranksters the handy download code. Now, read all about it here and head over to Brooklyn Vegan where you can listen to the opening track Hoax Apocalypse. Bleak ripper it is. Pre-order BAD MEDS now.